Existing projects

These are some of the successful projects currently supported by IS Labs.

Cognician packages the ideas of great thinkers in a revolutionary new medium that can be used instantly. Cognician takes the key ideas from books, seminars, courses, workshops and almost any medium to extend knowledge and improve peoples’ capacity to solve problems.

Obami is a platform for communication, administration and learning between and amongst the pupils, teachers and parents of Southern Africa's schools. Strict access control and privacy settings ensure a safe online community where pupils are free to use the various features, such as blogs, instant messaging, photo upload, online calendars and over 90 000 widgets.

JamiiX is a social media aggregator that brings social media (like Facebook) and instant messaging functions (like MXit) into a single application so that users can manage many accounts and have several conversations simultaneously. It was developed to address the need for affordable communication. JamiiX enables call centres and organizations providing counseling, information and education to achieve higher volumes (and lower costs), as one person can engage in multiple conversations

Moral Fibre
Moral Fibre is a lifestyle blogging network that deals with topics ranging from business, current affairs, politics and technology to design, food , lifestyle, fashion and music.

Personera offers “your life in print” via personalised printed calendars, using a users own Facebook content. It allows the merging of the online parts of your life offline.

WhereIsMyTransport is an award winning site that allows users to find out when their selected mode of transport will be reaching its destination via cellphone or website.

Local List
This site is an index of the best the local South African internet has to offer and makes international content, uploaded by users, available to all via ‘Peek!’.

This blog site focuses on everyday South African life and publishes interviews with people from all over SA.

New projects

Edge Campus
EDGE Campus is a game that allows a learner to immerse themselves into a game-world that is accessible via their mobile phone. The objective is that learners receive training through their mobile phone that empowers them with skills that help them in the game and the real world.

CoMunity is an enterprise focused mobile platform development company that eases the task of developing and deploying mobile applications to both a corporate or a consumer audience.

Cosapien is an enterprise focused web based service that allows people involved in corporate projects to measure integrity through a user-friendly web based tool. Cosapien supports the social contracts that effective execution requires, and provides feedback so that behaviour can be continually improved.

Gust Pay
Gust Pay is a mobile financial services startup offering a quick and easy smartphone payment experience using WiFi networks. Gust Pay also provides cashless event technology using NFC wristbands.